About Us

The Newsletter is currently published three times a year. We distribute about 1200-1300 copies door-to-door, covering an area ranging from Mass Ave. to Route 2, and from Spy Pond out to roughly Highland Road. When an issue is printed, a volunteer network of about 20 neighbors delivers the Newsletter door-to-door on the streets nearest to them. Since the beginning, Dolores Schueler of Brunswick Road has coordinated this distribution. Needless to say, this takes some commitment and dedication.

While we do have commitment, the Newsletter is a very informal and unstructured operation, which is perhaps both a positive and a negative. Typically, a small group meets ahead of time to plan the upcoming issue, and to figure out who will write what by when. There are no officers, no elections, no fixed meeting dates, no set agendas. Anyone is welcome (and encouraged) to come to a meeting, or become a planner. And anyone is welcome (and encouraged) to contribute an article. We have very few rules. See who is currnetly on the Newsletter Planning Team.

The Newsletter has always been distributed free of charge. So where does the money come from? For better and/or worse, our practice has always been inclusionary; so we have not sought advertisements, subscriptions, or dues. Instead, our costs (about $2000 per year) are raised almost entirely by voluntary contributions. (Most recently, some of our costs have been underwritten by Judy Weinberg of Venner Road, who is also a realtor with Re/Max here in Arlington.)

Though finances have sometimes been quite shaky, somehow enough checks have always come in, and we have always managed to keep our heads above water – suggesting that at least some neighbors value having the Newsletter around.

Any organization changes; the Newsletter is no exception. We now have new co-editors who have taken on much of the distribution and outreach. The work of the planning team continues to evolve. We've strengthened our online presence through our updated web site now located at www.neighborhoodnewsletter.org under the leadership of Alyssa Krimsky Clossey.

As of 2011, we have celebrated our 18th consecutive year of publication. For a seat-of-the-pants enterprise, this may be a modest achievement. There's no reason we can't keep going far into the future and get better, too. That's our goal. With continued neighbor participation and support, that goal will turn into reality.